Saturday, 16 July 2011

Week 11/52 71-77/365

71/365 Drinking out has become an expensive hobby in which we can no longer afford to indulge as often as we would like. Most of the pubs in town are Wadworths tenanted and are stuck with Wadworths prices, but there are a couple which are not. One of these is the Southgate, a Hopback Brewery pub, now run by the lovely Ian and Sarah. It opens every evening at 4pm, except for Friday, Saturday and Sunday when it opens at midday, which is our time of day, so we try to pop in there once a week. More often than not we have the place to ourselves, but at least the beer is cheaper and they seem to have a different selection each time we go in.

72/365 Rog and I love the occasional game of bridge. We aren't competitive, and aren't fond of playing contract, prefering instead to play with friends in an informal setting. If there are any bridge players of a similar disposition reading this, and who are close enough to Devizes to join us for a rubber or two, please comment below.

73/365 Our bedroom window faces to the west, so I dont often get to see the sunrise unless I'm downstairs early enough to catch it from the utility room window. This is not the most spectacular I've ever seen, but just about worth snapping.

74/365 Ironing today, not my favourite pastime, but made significantly more pleasant by listening to The Main Man and placing myself overlooking the garden.

75/365 A trip to Echilhampton Hill, where Mother Nature provided the floral display, and the Army presented a short helicopter flying display.

76/365 Spotted these very gaudy flowers on sale in Morrisons and wondered why anyone would want to buy them.

77/365 My blogger friend, Beverley, was looking for a new home for this book, so I volunteered to take it in to add to my collection. I'm looking forward to sitting down with it and having a read over the weekend.


Heather Leavers said...

I'm almost ashamed to say it - but I have bought some of those vivid pink and purple dyed flowers - they're so very un-natural I felt sorry for them. They also reminded me of science experiments when I was teaching, the kids were amazed to see the colours being sucked up the stems.

I do prefer the flowers in your Echilhampton hill pic though, no doubt about it!

Chrissy said...

More brill pictures - didn't know that you two were very fond of the brew - alcoholic type and not tea type. All that walking you both do, you must be on guiness!

Rachael said...

Enjoyed this read and your pictures.