Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Vauxhall recalled my car . . .

. . . because, apparently, sometimes the horn doesn't work if the lights are switched on !! Well, who knew?
a) I very, very rarely, if ever, use my horn.
b) I very, very rarely, if ever, drive in the dark.
But, never-the-less, back to a Vauxhall dealer she had to go, and as the nearest one is in Marlborough we made a bit of an outing of it despite the day being grey, gloomy and very wet.
First though we stopped in town to pick up a prescription, and while I waited in the car I just couldn't help noticing the assortment of colours and textures right in front of me.

The road out of Devizes passes the Cherhill Monument

Joining the A4 we very soon pass Silbury Hill

Roadworks just outside Marlborough, and I spotted these two guys having a roll-up in the rain

We had an hour to kill while waiting for the fix. Normally Marlborough is quite photogenic, but today I just wanted to stay dry, so we headed straight for the pub and had a couple of drinks (mine were orange juice, just in case you were worried about my drunk driving!) and a bowl of salt and black pepper chunky wedges.

And now I can go out driving at night and honk my horn to my hearts content.


Chrissy said...

You are so funny Joy. I think you should go for a drive and honk that horn just because you can now!! I love the way you are always on the lookout for pictures - your camera must be permanently round your neck these days.

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

Yummmmm...they look so good, and with the addition of the black pepper, a perfect flavor combo!

Rachael said...

Interesting as always.
And those spuds look delicious.

Lydia said...

Just remember - no horn between 11.30pm and 7.00am in a built-up place (always remembered that since getting it wrong in my driving test!). Oh, and no headlights either if you're stationary.... so Vauxhall guilty of helping you get penalty points!!!