Sunday, 3 July 2011

Week 9/52 57-63/365

This week its been really nice, weatherwise, and fairly laid back otherwise.

57/365 All ready to write my best seller, paper, pen, folder, inspiration from my favourite author

58/365 A day trip to Boscombe, to help Oli move out of this years student digs, wouldn't be complete without a quick toe dip and a white choc magnum

59/365 Mr Blackbird, conveniently close to my front window

60/365 The Kenavon Venture gives trips along the canal

61/365 Another day of son assisting found us in the Horley area of Bristol to help Alex move from one set of digs to another, (its that time of year).

62/365 A day at home, and lunch in the garden for us

63/365 My dear friend Kate is expecting her first grandchild, a girl, and these are the items I have made to send off to her son and daughter-in-law in New York State. Actually thats not entirely true, because I didn't make the hats, they were made by my friend Ali's mum. Ali please let your mum know that two of her hats are going to USA.

Hope you all have a good week.

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Chrissy said...

Great piccys as always - white magnum - yum, my favourite. Any ideas on what your new top best seller is going to be about or must we wait in great anticipation - of course we will all need a personally signed copy for future investment