Friday, 1 July 2011

Versatile blogger award

Thank you Lois for awarding me with this, the Versatile Blogger Award

I need to tell you seven random (or is it interesting?) things about me, and then pass this on to seven other bloggers, so here goes:

1) I'm a recently retired Mum, that means I am now an empty nester, mother of four adult sons.
2) I'm forever taking up new challenges, my current one is writing.
3) Even though my eldest son is now 40, I dont feel any older than 35 inside my head.
4) I'm still hanging on to a teenage dream of one day flying in Concorde (come on Richard Branson, you can get them to sell it to you if you try hard enough)
5) I would love to live on the coast, but my OH wouldn't, so its probably not gonna happen
6) I love growing (and eating) vegetables, although this year, because our house is on the market and we hope to move sometime soon, I've only grown tomatoes in growbags.
7) I have a truly vast collection of old books.

I am passing this blog award on to :

1) Emma, The Syders
2) Tracy, Mad about Bags
3) Becky, Dots and Spots
4) Elaine, Mauls being creative
5) Ali, Magic Making Hands
6) Callie, Mumu and Squeak's place
7) Janice, Its all about the light
8) Gini, Desparately seeking myself

(sorry, this is only supposed to be seven, but I couldn't leave any of them out)
All the above are very clever ladies in their field(s) of expertise


Elaine said...

Oooerr Joy!

Thank you! I'm honoured :)

Although I don't think I'm any expert in any field that I can think of!! Mind you, fields are quite nice places ..... lots of birds and butterflies etc :)

Never having received such a thing before, I assume I now need to do likewise?

This may well end up on To Do list for after my holidays that start tomorrow. Hooray!! No work for two weeks :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks Joy! I will blog about it later! :o)

C x

dots and spots said...

Thank you - very kind - always feel I ramble slightly!!! Have a lovely weekend

The syders said...

Thankyou Joy...much appreciated xxx