Saturday, 2 July 2011

Lazy Sunday Afternoon (Small Faces, 1968)

Wow, I can still remember last Sunday, it was the hottest day of the year so far, much too hot to actually do anything, so Rog and I spent most of the afternoon just sitting in the garden, enjoying the moment. Without moving from my chair, I could see:

1) Blossom on the tree in next door's garden

2) Our log pile, and brickwork detail on the back of the house

3) His and hers wheelbarrows

4) The washing line full of Alex's stuff

5) The table with our bits and pieces on it

6) The pear tree

7) One of the two fig trees

8) My current W.I.P.

9) A splash of colour from the Californian Poppies

Wonder if this Sunday will be as nice?

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Louise said...

Sounda like a lovely way to spend a sunny Sunday! We went for a walk and it was far too hot, 28 degrees even in the shade, so we didn't stay out for long!

Today is looking lovely where I am and it's nice and warm already! I'm hoping for two good days!

Hope you enjoy the weekend :)