Thursday, 24 November 2011

2/26 Challenge, light

The first part of the challenge is to take 14 photos over a 14 day period, well I failed that one straight away, as I only took 11, the second half of the challenge is to post the first, the last, and your favourite, so here are mine.

This is the first, taken at Weston-Super-Mare, bright sunshine reflected by the wet beach.

This is my favourite, sunlight shining through the blinds onto the wall of my dining room.

And this is the last, the "on" light of my TV, and reflected in the glass table on which it stands


Happy walker said...

nice blog..walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

Busy Little Chicken said...

Lovely pics Joy, I particularly like the beach with the sunshine reflecting on wet sand, lovely :)

yvonne said...

great three pictures. I love the first one and think this is my favorite. I think I may have cropped a bit from each side making it long and narrow

Pic two is cool and like one of mine just taken round the house and much better than mine. I might have taken the picture down as It distracts a little

Pic three is quite abstract but not sure I could improve it in any way it is what it is

Love and Hugs

Unknown said...

Hi Joy, another one on the ball here :)
First photo is my favourite as well,love the way the sun is reflecting on the sand showing up the patterns. I would have possibly cropped some off the right hand side, focusing in on the reflection. Nice exposure, well handled.

Second photo - very well spotted, love the patterns the blinds are making along with the pattern on the paper. A severe crop down to under the picture and just focus on the shadow pattern would make a nice abstract. Like the different strengths of light you have captured on the wall.

Third photos - spent ages trying to work it out - should have just read your explaination first! lol
Very creative and well spotted. Possible tiny crop of top to remove the dark bit on left hand side. Like the flare of light just above the tv.

Exposure is good on all three, did you take them in AV mode?

Unknown said...

Very bad manners on my part Joy I forgot to say well done and thank you for taking part :)

Eileen said...

Hello Joy.

Here's my comments on your photos:

photo 1 - reminds me of my childhood when we lived in Torquay. I love it! You've captured the light well and i particularly like the detail in the water in the bottom half of the photo. Suggestions for improvement? To be honest I'm not sure as I really like the sense of space and the diappearing into the distance, so for me cropping would not be an option.

photo 2 - this is my favourite one. You've really caught the light well. The inclusion of the picture on the wall works for me but I probably would have tried to lose the light fitting (?)at the top of the photo. Good exposure in this one.

photo 3 - a great abstract shot with interesting shapes and colours. I probably would have cropped off the left hand side to lose the black semicircular thing and the cable in the top left hand corner but that is just my personal preference. Good exposure again.

A great set of photos, Joy.

Nathalie said...

Nice interpretations of the challenge Joy! I really like the first one especially since the eye seems attracted to the patterns on the sand. Well done! The second might be my favorite as well. I would have cropped out the black piece on the top but I do like the frame there. The third one is very futuristic looking! Interesting catch of light.

Louise said...

Hi Joy, great photos

Simply love the first photo, the sense of tranquility and how the sunlight shows up the patterns in the sand.

The second one is lovely and i also like the frame it gives the photo interest.

I too wondered what the last photo was of.....very creative!