Friday, 11 November 2011

Another Photographic Challenge

I have come across a new Photographic Challenge, which you can read about here. It is a 26 challenge, thats one subject each fortnight, with 3 pictures for each subject, which sounds like my sort of challenge. The first subject is "Backyard". Having exhausted all the possibilities in my own, and recently spending the weekend with my son and daughter-in-law, I made the most of the opportunity to take some shots in a different "backyard". I didn't manage the whole 14 shots, I took only 11, the rosehip is my favourite, I couldn't tell you why, I just like it, the rose was the first shot and the sumack leaves the last.

shot on auto with macro setting, cropped.

as above, auto with macro setting, cropped

as above again, auto with macro setting, enhanced by increasing colour saturation.

I expect you will be able to link up with others if you go to the host blog during the next few days


Sharon @ SP Jewellery said...

amazing pics, think it might be time to update my camera...

Elaine said...

Hopefully this time blogger will let me comment :)

Love the rosehip picture but it is also rather lovely to see a rose still blooming in November.

Louise said...

Hi Joy, good to see you have joined in with Karen's photo challenge. Your three images are lovely...i like close crops. The vibrancy of the leaves in your last photos is gorgeous.

I look forward to seeing more.

karen said...

Hi Joy, thank you for taking part in the challenge. Critique time.

First image, like the subject and the crop, nice and close. I might take the exposure down alittle just to darken it slightly and maybe have focused on one of the buds more. Great dof and the fact that there is three, apparently odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye!

Second image, nice crop and exposure, maybe a different angle possibly looking up/into the flower. Once again nice dof.

Thrid image, Like the constrast of colours between the sumack leaves and the greenery behind. Alittle over saturated for my liking (but that is only my opinion). Like the shape of the leaves the way they take your eye down through the image. Well spotted.

Nathalie said...

The rose is my favorite of the three. I love that there is dew on it and I like the different shades of green behind it. The first one makes me think of Fall and might need a bit more saturation or contrast.
The last one has nice composition.
I will be working on taking and posting photos of my backyard tomorrow :)

Jo.C said...

Hi Joy - I like the rose hip too - I think you could have focussed on the bottom hip a little more but it is a great capture with the contrast of the red and green.
I like the rose with the dew too and Karen has a point about shooting it more upwards for a better angle.
The third shot is my favourite as I like the bright contrast but I would maybe lower the saturation slightly. The pointing shapes of the leaves are great.
Well done :0)

Eileen said...

Hi Joy, three lovely photos.

Photo 1 - this is my favourite one. I like the colours and the blurry background. My personal preference would be saturate the colours in the rosehips slightly but that's because I like strong contrast in photos. I like the way you've filled the available space with the main image.

Photo 2 - another really good photo. I probably would have tried to capture the image looking 'straight on' to the flower but I really like the way you caught the light through the petals.

Photo 3 - I love the subject matter but for me the colour isn't quite right - I see too much blue. I do like the composition and the way the line of leaves leads you in to the photo.

Well done, Joy.

joy said...

hi all, and thanks for your comments. I agree I probably overdid the saturation on the final shot, but I really wanted to make the red of the leaves as lifelike as I could.

yvonne said...

Hi There nice to meet you

1st pic I love this and other than the bottom hip could have been sharper I just love the contrast between the two hips and the remains of the stalk

2nd pic I love the droplets on this and its a lovely sharp photo, like the others I think it would have been improved from a looking up angle,

3 pic I think you captured this really well and although the colours are a little saturated for me I can see what you were trying to achive and you managed it
Love and Hugs