Sunday, 20 November 2011

Week 29/52 198-204/365

198/365 The very day after enjoying an ice cream at the seaside, I am reminded that Christmas is not far off.

199/365 A very enjoyable walk along the canalside towpath on a sunny November day

200/365 Roast cauliflower

201/365 Rog has been dismantling our stereo system ready to pack

202/365 An experimental portrait of YKW

203/365 Up to the top of Roundway Hill for our lunch, and spotted this very old car burning the rubber on the rough terrain whilst being photographed - by others as well as me.

204/365 We've had a hard days packing, time to relax in front of the TV


Elaine said...

Great photos :)
The one on the tow path could be high summer! Such odd weather we've been having, although today might be the real start of wintery weather. We've had cold fog that didn't go until after mid-day.

I think you deserve a beer. Just what is it about packing that always seems to take forever?

The syders said...

Great shots Joy...Love the portrait!

I've tagged you in a new bloggers meme thats going around here

Please dont feel obliged to take part if memes aren't your thing, its just a bit of fun x

Chrissy said...

Brilliant pictures as always - when do you move then Joy - i see you are packing things up and ready - getting excited?