Tuesday, 1 November 2011


I blogged the other day about my new book, River Cottage Veg every day. I decided to try one new thing each week, and my first experiment was using polenta, which I bought in Morrisons. When I first opened the packet I was surprised to find the polenta was just like something my Mum used to use back in my childhood, called rice creamola, which we had as a dessert. But the recipe in the book is definitely a savoury dish.

I changed it a bit, firstly as I had no fresh garlic or chilli I used chilli powder and garlic paste, it was a bit light on the chilli flavour, so obviously I didn't use enough of that. Rog cant eat cheese, so I substitued some cold cooked potato we had in the fridge. Also I should maybe have used half quantities as what I made was far too much.

I didnt make the tomato sauce of the recipe, as we had some left-over vegetable curry which went with it very nicely.

Apart from having far too much - which we are manfully struggling through, although I think I've had enough now - the experiment was a success. I'm looking forward to trying North African squash and chickpea stew next.

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