Sunday, 11 December 2011

3/26 Self portrait

I'm still taking part in a 26 challenge, thats 26 subjects, one per fortnight, over a year, organised by Karen. This, the third subject, is Self Portrait. I dont, as yet, own a tripod so my photos were taken either hand held or in a mirror, and sadly, I am still not really stepping outside of my comfort zone by changing away from the P setting - I shall do, but at the moment, with an imminent house move, I just cant seem to take any new info on board! So here are my first, favourite and last self-portrait shots.

1) Hand held camera over my head - I quite like my hair sometimes!

2) Again, hand held camera as close to my eye as I could manage, with macro setting. This shot misses the tired look that my eyes usually have when I take my glasses off, thats why I like it.

3) This time a shot in the mirror, cropped to hide the camera.


mad about bags said...

love the macro shot joy, i find i still keep going back to the P setting but trying to be more confident with the other settings too.

Janice said...

Lovely shots, Joy, all of them.

Don't forget your self-timer to stand the camera on a table and it gives you time to get in front!

Just K Jewellery said...

you're braver than me Joy - fab photos!

Louise said...

This has to be the worst challenge Joy - taking photos of myself doesn't inspire me to want to take a photo. You have done a good job though.

I like the eye one. It lovely and bright and you can see the light and a reflection across your eye.

It is also nice to see a close crop - my favourite type of photo too.

Eileen said...

Hi Joy, another great set of photos.

You've done well with the exposure and focus on all of them. I like the first one for the fact that you've tried a more unusual angle but I think my favourite has to be the close up of your eye.

karen said...

Great photos Joy, thanks for taking part. First image, really like the unusual angle, nice exposure and I like the crop.

Second image - really stunning, lovely and sharp. Being picky I might have taken the top bit off to cut out the eyebrow, but not essential. Great exposure and light. My favourite.

Third image. This made me smile, you look nice and warm in there. Love the tight crop on the image and the exposure is really good.

Chrissy said...

Love em all Joy xx

yvonne said...

Sorry this is late, but I have been away. I love all three of these, but my favorite is the eye it is stunning xx It

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blue eyes!