Friday, 9 December 2011

On the twelfth day of Christmas . . . .

. . . my true love gave to me twelve bottles of Marstons

eleven kitchen utensils

ten socks astripy

nine knives for cutting

eight forks for prodding

seven spoons for slurping

six pies with mince in

five co-old things

four chinese spoons

three fresh rolls

two leather gloves

and a parsnip in a bare tree.

(With apologies to FB friends who have already seen this!)
Wishing a happy and fun-filled festive season to all my readers,
Joy x x x


mad about bags said...

never apologise for something as funny as this Joy makes me smile every time i see it!!!

yvonne said...

made me smile xx

Kandi said...

Oh that really made me giggle, love it! Thanks for being my latest follower, so glad you did or I would not have seen this!
Kandi x

Kath said...

Fantastic! That really cheered my cold-ridden self up!

Chrissys4Cards said...

That was brilliant Joy - you have such a fun sense of humour - made my day.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

This is fun and cute! My first time seeing it.

Suzanne said...

LOL! This is brilliant! Thanks for linking up to Oldies but Goodies :)

Jess @ CatchaSingleThought said...

This is brilliant! My favourite is the parsnip in a bare tree :) (hopping over from Oldies but Goodies)

Anne Stone said...

Love it, especially the parsnip in a bare tree :-)

Annie Bananie said...

A fun idea :)

Kezzie said...

Ha ha, that is HILARIOUS!!