Sunday, 18 December 2011

Week 33/52 226-232/365

226/365 Playing with the moon, early one morning

227/365 Love the texture on this christmas card

228/365 Our first snowfall of the year, thankfully it wasn't much and didn't last long

229/365 Ever since I got this camera, in November 2010, I have been meaning to make myself a bag for it, so it is protected inside my handbag, then suddenly I realized I already had one that would do the job, made several years ago.

230/365 Sign in our "friday" pub

231/365 The start of our annual jigsaw puzzle

232/365 As well as a building site nearby, we also now have the inconvenience of a new gas main being fitted.


Kath said...

I feel your pain with regards to that gas main. We are currently having "maintenance" done to our water supply and the road coming to our house is like an assault course, not to mention the interruption to our water supply every few days! And all this comes hot on the heels of over 18 MONTHS of disruption when they saw fit to reinstall the gas pipes between our village and the next town. 18 months of having to sit through five sets of temporary traffic lights to get five miles down the road. One of which was at the top of our road and the next was at the bottom of the road where the school is. It took half an hour to drive a mile! I really hope the people working on yours are more efficient than ours were!

Love the jigsaw by the way - must start doing those again as they are really therapeutic and nicely competitive too!

joy said...

What makes it all the more galling is the fact that if the solicitors at the bottom of the chain had been a bit more on the ball, we could have been moving very soon. As it is, the works are scheduled to last 15!!! weeks, and each house will need to be individually reconnected. What are the odds they'll want to reconnect ours on the day we move? Grrrr. Rant over, yes jigsaw puzzles are indeed therapeutic, we do one every year over the christmas period, not competitively though, I am always allowed to put in the final piece.

Eileen said...

We do jigsaws as well, but my family is obviously a lot more competitive than yours as there is always a battle to be the one to put in the last piece. Everyones always hidden a piece (or two) and then there is a standoff until individuals cave in a place their piece. My brother always wins! He's just so convincing and we fall for it every time.

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Beautiful shots! Have a wonderful Christmas and a fulfilling New Year in which all your hopes and dreams come true! love Annie xx

Vic said...

An annual jigsaw puzzle! Tell me it doesn't take all year to finish it?! (It probably would take me two...)

joy said...

ha, ha, no we only do one jigsaw a year, over the christmas period, takes us about a fortnight or so, less when the "boys" get home to help us.