Friday, 2 December 2011

Walk to the Bridge Inn

It seems like ages since we've had a decent walk out anywhere, so yesterday we decided to mosey along the towpath to The Bridge Inn at Horton, a lovely canalside pub. We parked near the marina and followed the footpath which runs on the opposite side of the canal to the towpath.

When we crossed over and saw the state of the towpath we decided it was far too wet and muddy to continue, so we crossed back and stayed on the footpath, crossed a couple of fields and came out on the road, quite a busy road and a bit of a hairy walk.

The pub was very quiet, being a Thursday lunch time and market day in town, so we had the place almost to ourselves, and enjoyed a couple of drinks directly from the wood.

The walk back along the road was again a bit hairy, but we soon reached the footpath . . .

. . . and were watched on our way by some very inquisitive sheep.

The footpath beside the canal was also quite squoggy, but not as mushy as the towpath

Although it was a very grey day, it stayed dry and we felt better for getting out of the house and enjoying some fresh air.


yvonne said...

Looks fab, I miss going for walks with my hubby but when he has both knees replaced we will get back to it thank goodness.
Love and Hugs

Chrissy said...

Looks an interesting, if squidgy walk. Only a couple of more years and hubby can retire and we'll, hopefully be doing the same.

Busy Little Chicken said...

What a great way to spend a day!! Nice walk, pub treat at the end as well!! I really love the sheep picture though!: )
Are you going to miss this when you move Joy, or are you going somewhere equally nice?

joy said...

we are moving from Devizes to Warminster, about 15 miles, but still in Wiltshire, I'll miss the canal, but the walks will otherwise be equally as good, if not better, I'm sure.

Eileen said...

Hi Joy, I like the Bridge Inn - I've had some good meals there in the past.

Elaine said...

Great photos Joy.

Funnily enough, yesterday John and I both felt a sense of 'cabin fever' and went out for a long walk (just over 7 miles) along the Lea Canal.

Lots of wildlife (apart from us!) and a lovely day for it.

How long will it be before you move?