Thursday, 12 July 2012

10 on the 10th

I recently found this here, organised by "Rebekah at a bit of Sunshine" and decided to join in. Basically you take 10 photos on the 10th day of the month, one every hour, roughly on the hour, to catalogue your day. I found it yesterday morning, and only managed 9, but I didn't think 9 on the 11th would be a very good title. So here goes.

8am  A torrential downpour, quite a normal occurrence for this summer though

9am  Time for tea and biscuits

10am A walk down to town for a quick bit of shopping

11am Shortening a pair of trousers

12 noon  The suncatcher on my studio window, and the sun is actually shining now

1pm Pasty for lunch 
(one between the two of us, and shop-bought rather than homemade)

2pm Cutting the very small patch of grass at the front of the house
(him, not me!)

3pm  Taking down an evergreen tree that has grown too big for its boots

4pm Time for a gin and tonic

I've added the Ten on Ten link to my sidebar, now I've taught myself how to do that, I might add some other stuff too, you never know!


Chrissy said...

Well you did manage that all well - a busy busy day

Fiona said...

Good morning,

hope the sun is shining on you.

Great idea taking all those photos.

I love the mug with the blue berries (flowers) it is so pretty.

Good to get the grass cut
and the dinner looks yum
but the best part
was the gin and tonic!!

Have a lovely day


Eileen said...

Joy, you are brilliant!

I saw this meme months ago (just after I started my blog) but I didn't save the link properly and couldn't find the site again. I'll be joining in next month.

Lovely photos, by the way.

Kat said...

I missed it for another month! I think I might have to plan ahead for this one and create a blog alarm! I love the end to your busy day too ;) x