Friday, 20 July 2012

On the lookout for Bustards

The Great Bustard was extinct in the UK until fairly recently when they were reintroduced on Salisbury Plain, which, being used by the military, is closed off to normal people, and therefore a relatively safe environment for these shy creatures (as long as they wear their earmuffs on what we usually call "shooting day", one day a year when they practice with the canons or some such). You can read all about the bird itself here, and you can read about the Go Bustard project here. Warminster Art Society arranges an annual fundraising competition to help raise funds for the Go Bustard project, this year there are 12 decorated Bustards in and around Warminster, which you can read about here. So far I have found three of them, the first is Cordath (a joint venture by Cordens, the hardware store, and the Athenium Centre)

The second is Jigsaw, this is in a shop window in the Three Horseshoes shopping precint

and the third one is Buttons, outside my newly discovered favourite shop (which I'll mention again in another blog) Thinking Outside the Box.

I have read that there is another one in the library, so I'm off to see that soon, and if you would like to have a look for them yourself, you can find the postcodes here.


Chrissy said...

Bit like the Bulls that were around London. I like the jigsaw one - very inventive. Look forward to you finding more.

Mary said...

Very building. Kids love 'm. A town near by uses full size moose decorated. Fun and funny.