Monday, 23 July 2012

Chalet cleaning

We have this outbuilding at the bottom of the garden. Because of its style we have nick-named it the Chalet, but really its just a glorified garden shed, the gated part on the left side is the Coach house, i.e. bike shed!

A couple of weeks ago, Rog got fed up with looking at the very grubby white frontage, so he set about cleaning it, 

. . . and a very good job he made of it, too.
We might even have to call it The White House now!


Elaine said...

Love you calling them the Chalet and the Coach house; my style of humour :)

And Roger has done a fantastic job ..... and that sun hat is very dapper :)

Chrissy said...

Well done Rog

Busy Little Chicken said...

Great job done by Rog!! I'd love to have a 'shed' that looked like that!! But I guess I'd probably still fill it with junk!!! :)

dancingonabladeofgrass said...

Like the idea of The White House - very appropriate!

Joy said...

I love pretty outbuildings and I think you have every justification to call it the white house now and chalet was a good one too. Its so much more than a garden shed. Put a chair and some flowers in there and its a summerhouse!