Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Through 90 degrees

Some black trousers I'd recently bought needed shortening, so everything was set up on my work bench.

As the sun was shining in through the window (hey whats this? sunshine?), believe it or not, that actually made it quite difficult for me to see what I was doing, so a little bit of re-arrangement was called for.

Having moved the bench round through 90 degrees so the sun was coming in on my left side, it was much better.

I do so love my studio.

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Patricia said...

Your studio looks good. You're lucky that you are able to turn your table around. My computer/sewing machine desk is a corner unit that cannot be moved so I have to endure the sun shining right into my screen. Hark at me complaining about the sun - a few weeks ago we were crying out for it!!
Patricia x