Monday, 2 July 2012

Bertha . . .

. . . arrived here a couple of weeks ago, a gift from my lovely American friend Jane. Let me explain.

Jane is an author who has written a book, "Bertha-size your life", and in order to publicise the Kindle version she held a competition, it was a very easy competition, and I was lucky enough to be the first to answer a simple question. Jane then offered me a voucher to purchase the Kindle version, so I had to explain that I neither had, nor wished to have, a Kindle - call me old-fashioned if you like, but I'm a stationery freak and a book hoarder, I simply cant imagine curling up in bed with a good piece of plastic to read!

So, instead, Jane very kindly sent me the paper-back version, signed, I might add, which of course means it will now be exceedingly valuable when Jane becomes world famous.

"Bertha-size your life" is a fun book, aimed at those of us of a certain age who are now empty-nesters, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm not a book reviewer as such, so please click here to read a review.

Bertha is available from Amazon, both as a paperback book and as a Kindle download, I urge you to read it, you will not be disappointed, in fact it may even change your life.

P.S. Since I read it I have thrown away my grey trainers, and I now wear red and white beach shoes instead!


Jane Carroll said...


I am certain that Bertha is having a blast at Dasiy Row and is taking full credit for your shoe exchange...she's like that!

Thank you for sharing Bertha-Size Your Life! with your world!

Eileen said...

This sounds like one to add to my to-read pile. Thanks Joy.

Fiona said...

Hi Joy,

sounds like a great read.

I will have a look on Amazon.

I was totally against getting a kindle but having recevied one as a present have never looked back
I have oodles of books at the tip of my fingers andd no matter where I go can read
be it 5 mins on a short story or if waiting for the kids a lot longer and can read a chapter or two of a novel.

Have a great week

x Fiona

Chrissy said...

I too am not a kindle person - I couldn't afford it as I spend a lot of my reading time in the bath and have been known to erm drop the book!! To do that to a kindle would be a tad expensive. I like the tactile feel of a book soggy or otherwise.