Sunday, 27 January 2013


I had this set of curtains which I was intending to use in the new dining room

but unfortunately the wallpaper that we have chosen doesn't match, so I've bought some new fabric for that room instead

which left me with a nice pair of full-length (unfinished) curtains going spare. After a chat with GM, we decided to use one of them across the front door, which, although it's double glazed and entirely weather- and draft-proof, still looks a bit like a black hole at night. As he's in charge of curtain rails, hanging etc, I left the problem of how and where to put it to him, and this is what he came up with . . .

. . . not bad, eh?

I don't know if anyone else out there makes their own curtains, but if you do, how do you finish your bottom hems? I like to hand-stitch mine (except for the lining, which I'm quite happy to do by machine), but pinning the length is quite difficult, I used the bedroom floor.

 (yes, that's my foot on the left).

So that's one of the pair used, now where on earth can I put the other one?


Claudia Moser said...

Maybe do some cushions' covers?

Shirley said...

I tend to hand sew most hems, something I got from my mother, it what she always did.

Patricia said...

Definitely hand sewn - see my last post and you'll see why!

Lotti said...

I love that front door it's gorgeous. I'm a bit lazy I guess and would machine sew the hem on the curtains. I do normally hand sew hems if I'm making a dress or anything like that. Love the striped fabric, really nice.