Saturday, 26 January 2013

New door

Just in case you didn't see, or cant remember, this is the old door from our soon-to-be dining room into the conservatory/greenhouse

Yesterday two chaps came, took out the old door and windows, and did a bit of wall demolishing

Here's what they ended up with . . .

. . . . a much larger aperture, into which they fitted

Its wonderful and we are delighted. Plasterers due in sometime next week, watch this space.


Elaine said...

Rhat looks lovely Joy :)

oldthings said...

Very good job ! Now the loving room seems more lighter ! Have anice weekend !

Tracy said...

Looking good!!!

Ellie Foster said...

Dear Joy
It is looking great and the whole room looks so much lighter too. It is lovely to see the progress.
Best wishes

Heather Leavers said...

Your renovations look great, can't wait until we have our "real" own house again (2 years to go!)

Shirley said...

It makes such a difference :)

Lotti said...

oh wow ... how nice to have such a wide opening now. It looks lovely and lets in so much extra light. Gorgeous.