Wednesday, 2 January 2013

If the year carries on like this I shall be worn out by the end of January!

Yesterday dawned bright and sunny with a blue sky (yes, blue!).

Resolving to be more active in 2013, we decided it was time to tidy the conservatory ready for a) the removal and replacement of the door from/to dining room, and b) the start of the growing season.

Rog did the humping of the heavy stuff, I played foreman and did sweeping, dusting, tidying - have you ever seen so many flowerpots? And will I ever use them all?

By midday we were done . . .

. . . so took ourselves out to enjoy the brief spell of sunshine - totally forgetting it was a bank holiday and that everyone else would be doing the same thing! Once you're retired and empty-nested, bank holidays and normal days all merge in together and you only really notice a non-normal day if you saunter out to buy some shopping and find the shops closed!

Anyhow, off we went to one of our favourite spots, the top of Westbury Hill, which we usually have to ourselves . . .

. . . not this time, seems the world and his wife had the same idea as us. Never mind, fresh air was in order, so we took a walk,

not too long, just enough to blow away a few cobwebs, then sat in the car to eat our lunch before returning home.

What I really wanted was a nice peaceful afternoon pottering in my studio, Rog had other ideas - we are soon having fitted wardrobes built in the bedroom and we needed to move the furniture around. This entailed turning the bed through 90 degrees and moving a single wardrobe (thankfully on wheels) and two mid-sized chests of drawers, "no time like the present" he suggested, but the topbox on the wardrobe had to be emptied and moved separately, the top two drawers in each chest needed to be emptied, and the drawers underneath the bed needed to be emptied, and then after the furniture moving (for this job he enlisted Oli's help as I feigned a weakness of muscular power) all the drawers needed to be filled again. I suppose I could, at this stage, have done a bit of sorting, but my brain was starting to fizz so that job has gone on hold for a while. Sorry, no before or after photos of the bedroom, that's private!

Having had an extremely active day yesterday, today was lined up to be relatively quiet, with just a trip to Brewers in Trowbridge for a wallpaper hunt, can't be too difficult, surely? Oh, and while we're in Trowbridge, might as well pop into Sainsburys for one or two bits.

Well, one or two bits turned into a mammoth shop, and finding Brewers (hidden in what we thought was a goods entrance to another shop) was a bit like orienteering without any clues, so in the end we had to ask a postman (My mum always used to say "if you want to know the way, ask a policeman", but these days you can never seem to find one!). And the look of absolute amazement on Rog's face when he saw the hundreds and hundreds of wallpaper books was something I just wish I could have captured on camera!

We spent a good half an hour and must have looked at, oh, at least what seemed like a couple of thousand different patterns and styles, without finding one that we both liked - actually that's a lie, we did find one that we both liked but it was £35.00 per roll - so he decided he couldn't take any more and needed a beer. I promised to buy him a beer if we could just stop at B&Q for no more than 10 minutes to see if they had anything that might do.

B&Q car park was quite full but we found a space, he reluctantly accompanied me into the shop, the first wallpaper we looked at was perfect so we took the seven required rolls to the checkout and discovered that the reason for the rather full car park was because of oldies discount day, and we got 15% discount on our £9.00 per roll wallpaper!   RESULT.

Straight to the pub for a beer, home for lunch, and now I'm going to spend my overdue peaceful afternoon pottering in my studio.


Elaine said...

Your post has really made me laugh Joy :)
Thank you for that :)

Ellie Foster said...

Dear Joy
Your day puts me to shame! Congratulations on your tidying achievement I managed to (sort of) tidy a big pile of stuff by the bed, but still have much more to tackle...Ugh!
Best wishes

Lizzy said...

Think you need a rest now!

Chrissys4Cards said...

Phew, had to put my feet up myself after this saga - hope you enjoyed your well earned rest in your studio Joy.

Hannah Brooker said...

Ah joy you make me smile! Very busy you are at present but sounds like its all going to plan! Hope you get a rest this weekend!xx

Jean said...

What a great day. You achieved more than me, I caught up on my tv watching and had a Costa Coffee!

Tracy said...

Great post Joy, we feel the same about bank holidays too and tend to avoid them if we can!, and as for the shopping trip, sounds like me and paul, although I'm not sure i would ahave got him into B & Q even if i promised a big breakfast!!!

We've lots of DIY planned for this year and I can't wait to get started!!!

Carolee Crafts said...

Loved your post of your daring trip to the DIY, we did that yesterday. Must admit worn out with what you have done so far this year

Anonymous said...

The hill at Westbury is one place you can be sure of having any cobwebs blown away!

Brewers is a tad tucked away but I do love it - lovely staff too.

Keep up the good work!