Tuesday, 1 January 2013

ABC Twenty, one three.

A is for active - move around more
B is for brevity - say less
C is for crochet - a challenge, details later
D is for doing - more things
E is for empathy -
F is for Facebook, love it, but there is more to life, isn't there?
G is for garden - main challenge for the year.
H is for healthy eating - say no to crisps and biscuits, try new things (I've never had an aubergine)
I is for individuality - don't follow the crowds
J is for joie de vivre -
K is for knitting - new grandchild to look forward to in May
L is for liberal - share more
M is for music - very important
N is for nature - spend more time just enjoying
O is for order - be more tidy
P is for photography - challenges galore to keep me busy
Q is for quality of life - spend more time living, less time talking about it
R is for reading and relaxing, the two go together nicely
S is for sewing, lots of projects in the pipeline
T is for thrift, needed now more than ever
U is for understanding, don't judge
V is for visiting, lots to be done
W is for Wales, see you in June
X is for eXciting (well, almost) -
Y is for yes - say more often
Z is for zeal.

My hopes and challenges for 2013, no doubt they'll appear in my blogposts on and off during the year.


karen said...

Great list Joy, look forward to seeing them develope. x

moonstruckcreations said...

Great ideas!

Happy New Year, Helenxx

Raindrops and Daisies said...

Happy New Year Joy

I love your abc list

I hope that 2013 will be a great one for you and your family

x Fiona

Elaine said...

Love your list Joy.
The Facebook one struck a chord with me ...... althogh it has provided some great netqorking for John's candlemaking endeavours, it does suck up an awlful amount of time sometimes :)

Down by the sea said...

I like your abd list of hopes and challenges.Thank you for your kind words.
Sarah x

Ellie said...

What a great list - I could take part in a lot of them :))
Hope it's a good year for you!

SizzleandZoom said...

I really like this list. It made me think of what I'm going to do with the new year.