Monday, 31 December 2012

#Reverb12 days 29,30 and 31

Day 29 What word did you select to be your travelling companion in 2012? What gifts did this word bring?

I didn't have a word for 2012, but had I chosen one it would have been patience.  
What word will you choose to guide you through 2013? What do you hope it will bring into your life?

My word for 2013 is consolidation, and I hope it will do exactly what it says on the box.

Day 30  Often we see our life as a humongous journey, and we believe that not only have we not arrived at our far away desired destination, but we also think we must accomplish x, y, and z, before we can declare with satisfaction that we are THERE. 

For a moment, take a close look at who you are NOW. See what you can declare. 

Merge the past, present, and future into one big ARRIVAL. 

Describe joyously and in great celebration the BEING that you ARE. 

(If you like, try writing this in third person as if you were a news reporter and this article about you is appearing in a publication you love and respect.)

Joy only really ever wanted to get married and have babies. So when she married the for first time at the age of 20, she was too young and inexperienced to realize that marriage is a joint venture and needs to be worked at to endure, she expected far too much from her husband, who was also immature and had similar expectations of her. The marriage lasted eighteen years and produced two lovely sons, so it wasn't all bad, but the ending was rather acrimonious and best forgotten. Her second marriage was at age 40, and with her biological clock ticking away at amazing speed, another two sons came very quickly one after the other. This time, husband and wife, with the benefit of age and experience, worked hard together as a team and muddled through life with lots of hugs and kisses. Joy's four sons are all now adults, one is married with children, one is in a long term relationship and expecting a child, one is newly into a relationship, and one is taking a year long sabbatical from education. They are all well-rounded human beings who seem to be happy inside their skins, which is all she really ever wanted for them. She is now a happy mum and a happy grandmother.

Day 31  Take a moment to yourself, somewhere quiet.

Take a deep breath, and if you have the time/space/inclination do something that has significance for you e.g. light a candle, brew a put of your favourite tea, play your favourite music, whatever.

Think back to where you were all those moons ago, on 1 December when you started #reverb12. All the way back then, I asked: "How are you starting?"

Now, I am not going to ask you "Where are you finishing?" because this is not the end. What I want to ask is, "Where are you now?".

You have spent a month honouring everything that has brought you to this place: the highs, the lows, the messy middles, the exuberant rainbows, the turbulent storms, the fresh strawberries dipped in dark chocolate, the too-tight jeans, the unexpected windfalls, the toddler tantrums (theirs or yours!), all of it.

You have thanked each end every one of these things for the things they have taught you and brought you, and fully know that they reside benignly in your physical, emotional and spiritual being. You know know that while they brought you here and will always be with you, there is no reason for them to hold you back any longer.

You are standing where you are, all that you are, splendidly imperfect and right in the middle of this messy delicious life.

Take another deep breath.

Now quickly and without thinking too much about it, finish these five sentences:

2013 is going to be MY YEAR because... I can do whatever I choose, I can be whoever I choose.

In 2013, I am going to do... eat healthily, exercise more, enjoy myself.

In 2013, I am going to feel... fit and healthy.

In 2013, I am not going to... suffer any negativity

In December 2013, I am going to look back and say...oops, what happened to that year?

OK, thats enough navel gazing for now, many thanks to Kat@Isawyoudancing for organising #reverb12 (and Blogtoberfest), looking forward to what you come up with in 2013.

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