Sunday 2 December 2012

The Draw

When my contact at F+W Media, the lovely Sandra, heard that I was holding a giveaway for Knitting Know-How, she very kindly offered an extra two copies, so there are now three copies for me to give.

Yesterday I wrote down the twelve names on a sheet of paper:

cut them into individual slips

folded them all and placed in a bowl

and then asked Rog to draw the names for me. First out was

second was

and third was

So please send me your details Ellie, Tracy and Mama Syder, and I'll make sure the books are despatched to you, hopefully ahead of the Christmas rush. A big thanks to all who entered, and I'm sorry you couldn't all win.


Unknown said...

Well done ladies, sure you will enjoy the book. xx

Ellie Foster said...

Dear Joy
I am really thrilled and delighted to be a winner. Thank you so much!
Best wishes

Chrissy C said...

Well done ladies, enjoy