Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A bit of a tidy-up

I haven't been home very much this month, and my studio had become a bit of a dumping ground, so today was tidy up day.

My desk, before and after

My work bench, before and after

and "the space" before and after

It might not look a whole lot tidier, but I can assure you it is.

I'm not too happy with the picture quality, I'm still playing around trying to get to grips with "aperture priority", I dont think I got it right this time.


Busy Little Chicken said...

The 'before' pictures still look tidier than my workplace!! :)

Ellie Foster said...

Dear Joy
Congratulations on your tidy up. I am very envious of your studio space. My little craft room (and 'everything else' room) is packed with stuff and has no space at all. Perhaps I need to have a HUGE clear out!
Best wishes

Chrissys4Cards said...

What a lovely crafty place - so many goodies. Love your smiley seat

Ailime said...

O seu canto era lindo e ficou ainda mais belo. Abra├žo Ailime

Jean said...

I would love a whole room! But, I fear I would just close the door on the muddles. At least the kitchen table has to be cleared when there is no room for even a coffee cup!

Shirley said...

Now tell the truth, it was the pussy cat in photo 4 that did all the work ;)

You have two desks in one work room I'm so jealous. x

joy said...

Shirley, you've got me sussed, it was Cassie!
I feel I should explain to those of you who are envious of my space, I've only had to wait 64 years for it, until last year I was the same as most of you, with my bits and pieces spread about all over the house in boxes mostly.
I have two desks now because no.3 son GO (Ginger One) is no longer living at home and didn't want to take his desk with him (well, not yet, anyway!)