Saturday, 2 February 2013

January Scavenger Hunt

We have a new Scavenger Hunt for the New Year, hosted by Greenthumb at Made With Love, so here are my January offerings.

1) Cold, a nice gin and tonic, with ice.

2) Warm, log fire at our local.

3) Sign, outside the new coffee shop in town

4) Food, spilled from the bird feeder by the pesky starlings

5) 12, I had photographed this hand for another photo challenge, as 13, but when I counted the cards there were only 12!

6) Produce, baby tomato plants, which will eventually produce lots of tomatoes for our consumption

7) Blue, water-colour kingfisher

8) Mailbox, outside of the Old Post Office, Warminster

9) A view, slightly misty, taken on our walk around Fonthill Park

10) Reflection(s)

11) A statue (or the closest thing I could get to one), in the cornmarket

12) Door, the inside of our front door from upstairs


oldthings said...

Joy , your January offerings are so beautiful !Lovely family and daily moments !

Dawn said...

I love your cold and warm - can't beat a G&T and a log fire.
Great statue too.

Lotti said...

I love your photos .... I especially love the log fire .... so nice.

Louise said...

You have taken some great photos, I love your cold and warm.

I have really enjoyed taking part in the scavenger hunt again :)

greenthumb said...

Thanks for taking part in the Scavenger hunt your photos are great. I love the statue and theses mail really stand out. thanks Greenthumb.

Little Blue Mouse said...

Great photos, I especially like the log fire.

Rose Fern said...

Hi! I also took part in the hunt.Lovely photos you have there.The sweetest I find the one with the view, as I suppose it's your hubby in that gorgeous place. I also like the mailbox photo, such a nice contrast of the red boxes and the grey background!

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Love your photos! Suzy x

Patricia said...

I like the gin and tonic and the reflection. Lovely photos
Patricia x

Paula said...

I enjoyed looking through your photos but my favourite is the mailbox one, I like how the read mailbox really stands out from the grey building behind it.

joy said...

For those of you who've mentioned the mailbox, I have to admit its been photoshopped, the red items were selected and the rest of the picture reverted to black and white. Quite pleased with the results though.
Joy xx

Lizzy said...

Love your photos. It has been good seeing what others have found for the catorgories - giving a lot of thought to next months!

Lizzy said...

Great photos! so good to see what other people have chosen to use. I like the statue.