Thursday, 28 February 2013

February Photo Challenges

I didn't do too well with "A Kitten Called Betty" this month, but right at the very last minute I managed to get the Scavenger Hunt completed. Please click here for other entries, and a big thankyou to Greenthumb for organising again.

Here are my submissions.

1) Red (my Valentine card from GM)

2) 14 (my desk calendar)

3) A kiss (well, almost. Its not easy to kiss and click at the same time!)

4) Something heartshaped (a potato)

5) Something found nowhere else (this is an original artwork, I forgot to make a note of the artist's name, it's hanging in the village pub in Maiden Bradley, I dont really like it, but it's definitely a one-off!)

6) Frozen (my poor raspberry plants)

7) Park bench (too cold to sit on them right now!)

8) Glass (and bottle)

9) Shopping trolley (or grannie trolley as GM calls it)

10) A shadow (my glasses)

11) Breakfast (too late, you missed it!)

12) Bus (on the way to Salisbury Market)


Dawn said...

Love your heart shaped spud - and a proper granny trolley too!

greenthumb said...

Hi and thanks for putting your photos in the Scavenger hunt, I really like your shadow and the potato is a lot of fun. Greenthumb

Maria Luiza said...

Imagens bonitas! Que você tenha um fim de semana abençoado! Grande abraço!

Rose Fern said...

I like your kiss photo. The breakfast photo is so funny!

Patricia said...

I like the potato and do hope those raspberries thawed out and didn't suffer any damage.
Patricia x

Little Blue Mouse said...

Great shadow!

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Great photos! x

Louise said...

A great collection of photos :)

Amanda Graham said...

Your photos made me smile! I love the potato:)

Paula said...

You made me laugh when I got to your photo of Breakfast and read your caption. Great selection of photos.