Thursday, 11 March 2010

birthday boy

yesterday was rog's 60th birthday, and the picture above shows the presents he likes the most, a log store which now sits outside the back door, a mug with the legend "from 0 to 60 in 1,893,456,000 seconds" (being a mathematician he had to check its authenticity), and a bottle of brandy. we had a lovely lazy day, just the way he wanted it, a stroll along the towpath from home to the Artichoke at lunchtime, a snooze on the sofa in the afternoon, and chicken with bombay potatoes, spring rolls and rice for tea, also shared a bottle of wine - I like the way we share a bottle of wine, he opens it and pours us a glass each, which we sip together, then he says "if you dont mind I'll go back on the beer now", which he does, and leaves the rest of the wine for me.

you can read my "veg patch" blog on MISI (click on the highlighted area), I was chosen as guest blogger for this week. I've also been interviewed by the lovely ladies at "Creative Crafting" for the next edition, due to be published on 1st april - when it comes out I'll post a link.


RosyTint said...

It sounds an idylic birthday and one to remember. I love the timber, wood store.
I'll have a read about your gardening antics now on the other blog.

House of Istria said...

Happy belated birthday to R! What a lovely day xx