Sunday, 28 March 2010

new look

here are the new look joyknitt and malebox banners, designed by the lovely nat of harvey crafty cards and yummyscrummy pie shop (click on highlighted words for links)

this weekend joy has rediscovered her stash of knitting patterns, packed away in surrey in july 2008, and shoved into a spare bedroom cupboard on arrival in devizes. they are all fairly dated, as you can probably tell by some of the hairstyles. they will be sorted into packs of 10 or12 and listed in the joyknitt shop over the coming weeks.

below is the first batch of 10 which will be listed this evening


Daisy said...

oh wow, I remember my mum and gran doing a lot of knitting when I was little. I had a lot of handknitted jumpers and cardigans :)

niftyknits said...

Them men in particular seem to pose in the most artificial way possible in vintage patterns. I wonder why?

joyknitt said...

its the 70s hair that gets me, I've got some great ones to put up later.