Thursday, 4 March 2010


this blog is titled joyknitt because when I first started it I wanted to use it as a showcase for my knitting, however it seems I have blogged about lots of other things and hardly mentioned the knitting at all. the reason for this is that just before christmas I started to teach myself crochet, and now I am hooked (no pun intended). at present I am still very much a beginner, doing only simple stitches and really struggling with keeping a constant tension, but I'm quite pleased with the small coaster sets I have made, although I had to make about 8 of the circular ones to get 4 the same size!
I am doing lots of coloured squares to make blankets, which I shall be giving away as christmas presents this year, so I'm not inclined to show them on here just yet, but here is a picture below of one very happy customer. she likes to sit on the spare stool which I have recently covered in black jumbo cord, and of course its only the white hairs that come off and attach themselves to the black cord, now when we need to use the stool for extra seating at the breakfast bar if either of the lads come home I can just remove her blanket and lo and behold the stool seat is hairless (we hope!)
if you get this far in my blog, please pop in to the comments section below and say hello, would love to know how many are reading my words, thanks.
well, the sun is shining, so now I'm off out to do some tidying in the garden.


RosyTint said...

What a pretty cat and what a lovely crocheted blanket for said cat to sit upon ; )

Elaine said...

Found you via Rosy Tint's blog. Love your blog.

Can't pass a picture of a cat without passing comment :)

A very pretty cat .... or perhaps handsome depending on whether said cat is a boy or girl :)