Friday, 30 April 2010

3/365 Pink Sunflower

Hennie and Clare have clubbed together to open a shop on MISI named Pink Sunflower where they sell items to raise money for epilepsy research and cancer research. Most of the items are either pink or sunflower related, hence the name, and all have been donated by fellow MISIans. I have just bought this lovely cushion from them to put on my desk chair.

It is a great cushion, I love it, but I find it quite difficult to sit down on the image though (you try sitting down on a smiley face!).
There are several other people on MISI and elsewhere who also raise money for charity, please click on highlighted names and words for direct links.
Cirens Call is selling to raise money for Many Tears Animal Rescue, you can visit her shops by clicking here and here.
Katrina is taking part in a year long project to raise money for and awareness of autism, please click here for details.

Rog and I went down to town today, and as it was raining we decided to catch the bus back, (you will be aware that people of a certain age are able to travel free on buses, well we ARE that certain age). When the bus pulled in at the bus stop and we boarded, the driver asked us if he had stopped in the right place. "Funny" we thought, as we nodded, then he asked us if he needed to drive up to the roundabout. We must by this time have looked a bit quizzical, so he explained to us it was his first day on the job which was when I asked him if he would like me to drive to show him the way. It is the very first time we have ever been asked the way by a bus driver. Hope he managed to find the rest of the route after we had got off!


Elizabeths Attic said...

I can beat that. During the snow I had to go to see mum but could not get my car off the drive so decided to walk onto the main road and catch the bus. When the bus arived I asked the driver if this was the right bus going up to Farnworth. He just looked at me, shrugged his shoulders and said 'I speak no English'??? I ask you a bus driver who speaks no English... Very random don't you think? Have a great Bank Holiday weekend.

RosyTint said...

Good grief...doesn't instil much confidence does it? I hope he doesn't harbour any ambitions to go into something more critical.

Sue said...

Maybe you could turn the cushion into wall art??!