Tuesday, 27 April 2010

good luck alex and a few thank yous

well, after very nearly 4 weeks here with us to recover from his big life changing decision, alex has gone back to bristol. he is a changed man from the one who arrived here, a bit depressed and bewildered, just before easter. he is now fit, well fed and full of confidence. good luck alex, it was great to have you and we miss you already.

now I can turn my attention to other things, and firstly I would like to say a big thank you to gabs of moobaacluck for my free card
which she sent me for being one of the first 15 to join her fanpage on facebook.

secondly I would like to say thank you to carol of crafty people, who has made me a very decent offer for becoming her first follower - I'm sure she would like some more followers.

and thirdly I would like to say thank you to nim, if it hadn't been for her then glen (her mum) wouldn't have joined facebook, and my whole virtual adventure of the last year and a half wouldn't have taken place.

many thanks to you guys


RosyTint said...

You're such a supporter Joy! Don't know how you find the time but well done, we all appreciate it.

Moobaacluck said...

Thank you so much Joy- I echo what RosyTint says above! And at last I have got around to awarding some sunshine blogs and of course you are one of those as far as I am concerned xx Gabs