Monday, 12 April 2010

surrey trip, day two (or from here to maternity)

it was a very dull and gloomy day so epsom downs was not looking at its best, but as epsom is most famous for the racecourse where the derby is run, it was a must to appear here. a bit of shopping in town then a quick detour to the racecourse, it wasn't as easy as I expected to get the shot of the horses out for practice through the car window, so you'll have to take my word for it that there were several of them, I just wasn't quick enough.

met up with my dear friend amanda for lunch at the glyn arms in ewell. we haven't seen each other since last summer, so plenty to catch up on over a lovely meal. we both used to live in west ewell and our kids went to school together - in fact our kids went to mother and toddlers together - so we go back over 20 years, she has since moved to hastings and I've moved to devizes, so opportunities to catch up are rare and precious things. amanda is camera shy and refused to be photographed, so instead her youngest, caitlin, who was attending a course at the laine theatre arts in epsom for the day, agreed to pose. she is a real performer, and will appear in the west end one day, remember you saw her here first.

a happy family evening followed. catherine is a great cook and fixed a fabulous meal (so a very good food day altogether). we were joined by ed and junko, who were married last year and were delighted to tell me that I am to be a grandmother again in november (ooh, how I would love to knit something pink for a change).

final instalment tomorrow


mad about bags said...

sounds like a you had a lovely day finished off with some fabulous news - congratulations to your family
good luck with the new workshop it sounds very exciting can't wait to see some pictures...

Elizabeths Attic said...

Just passing by but congrats about being a grandmother again - I am looking forward to one day being a grandmother myself but I wont hold my breath.... I will be going on 90I am sure before my two settle down. Sorry you did not win the bag but maybe next time.