Sunday, 11 April 2010

mini misi meet-up

saturday 10th april was a bright, warm and sunny day - just right for a pleasant drive through the lovely wiltshire countryside and a pub lunch. which is how several misians in the local vicinity decided to spend their day. the rendezvous was the wheatsheaf at lower woodford, chosen by rosytint, who admits to being a regular frequenter. the food was excellent, the service good, the cake (supplied by mornieg) a real treat, the chit-chatter was non-stop and a good time was had by all.

here are (left to right) mo (mornieg), marianne (jewels of isis) and shelley (mary elliot)

left to right again are ali (magicmakinghands), rachael (rosytint) and jean (talking beads)

and here we managed to get a complete stranger to take a shot of us all - ali, rachael, jean, mo, joy (joyknitt) marianne and shelley. thanks girls for a lovely day, looking forward to the next one, scheduled for some time in july.


RosyTint said...

It was a good meet, wasn't it! Fab photos Joy, well done for taking your camera along...good practise for your course work no
It was really nice meeting you, in the 'real World' at last too.

Daisy said...

How nice is this! looks like you all had a wonderful time!
Nice to put some faces to the names
as well.

handmadeharry said...

Looks like you had a good time! Would've loved to join in but am too far away!!!

jolicious said...

It's nice to put faces to names!