Thursday, 1 April 2010


joyknitt loves photography.
here are some of her favourite shots.
above is "torberry mist" taken early in the morning in august 2006.
below is "overhead" taken in may 2009

above is "narcissus" taken in april 2009,
below is "frost and mist" from january 2009

"swan lake" was taken in september 2009.
please make yourself a nice cup of tea, pour yourself a glass of wine, or whatever floats your boat, and take some time to have a look at and enjoy the links below.
joyknitt has two mentors in the world of photography. the first is her cousin glen, a writer and photographer with an amazing biography. click here to visit her website, read her biography and see her wonderful collection of prints.
the second is her friend janice, click here to view a fantastic collection of pictures, please make sure you see them all, and here to visit her website.
joyknitt will be participating in an open university 10 week short course in digital photography starting on 1st may, and hopes after that to be able to emulate the work of these two brilliant women.

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House of Istria said...

ok just quickly... the background on your daffodil is a bit cluttered and detracts from the strength of your shot- try using photoshop to take away the background entirely, and to just boost the contrast of the shot a little. On the leaf shot there is no colour to the sky which is technically a 'fault' ; avoid this by shooting first thing in the morning or in the evening when they sky has more tone and colour, or if its a typical grey day you could use filters depending on what camera you have; or you could crop the shot to take out this grey area.

That said though I definitely think you have an eye for the camera and if i were you id stay away from learning too much 'technical' stuff and instead immerse yourself in learning about arts photography, youd be great at it.

House of Istria