Sunday, 18 April 2010

sunday lunchtime

and obviously as it's oli's last day with us until july, it was down to the pub.
we spend rather a lot of our time, and far too much of our money, in pubs. in fact in these dire economic times we are on a one family mission to save as many of them as we can.
today we went to the artichoke. it doesn't have a lot going for it really, it's on the main bath road into town, no car park and no garden (although it does have an enclosed outside smoking area), but on the plus side it's very close to the canal, so a decent walk for us there and back along the towpath. the beer is cheap, a pint of 6X is currently £2.60 for instance, but today we were all drinking becks, so with the four of us a round (3 pints and a half) came to £10.50, thats only £3.00 a pint! I italicized the only with tongue in cheek as £3.00 is not cheap, but it is cheaper than most other pubs around here.
we haven't eaten there since the current landlord mark and his partner took over, so I cant comment on the food, but it always looks nice, the menu is quite extensive with what we call "proper" pub food, nothing fancy or nouveau, and with a choice of roasts on sundays. so if you like a clean, quiet pub that you can walk to easily from town then this one comes highly recommended.

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