Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter weekend

I've been looking forward to Easter weekend for ages, as it was our first family get-together for quite some time. The weather had been so bad at Christmas that Mum decided to stay put in Essex rather than travel to deepest, darkest Wiltshire, likewise the Surrey contingent, so I planned for us all to meet up on Easter Sunday.
Inevitably this meant some travelling for poor old Mum, but she bravely put up with it. My sister transferred her to relatives at Marlow Bottom, and we picked her up from there, the worst part of the journey was westwards on the M4 on Good Friday morning, but this didn't last too long, and we were back home by lunch time.

After a sustaining lunch and a short nap, Mum wanted a bit of a walk, so I took her along the road from us, into Quakers Walk and across the field where we enjoyed the peace and the birdsong - and fortunately the rape was just before that point when it starts to smell a bit unpleasant

Saturday was relatively quiet, we took a walk down to town and watched some of the canoes leaving the wharf on the Devizes to Westminster race, here is one entrant on the first few yards of the 154 mile journey.

Then on Sunday the rest of the family arrived. Here are the oldest (Mum, 87) and youngest (Marissa, 6 months) members of my family.

Here we have the Japanese contingent, Junko, my daughter-in-law, Yuko, her sister, and Marissa my granddaughter.



Family line up

It was such a fun day, they are all such lovely people and get on so well together, the weather was perfect, plenty to eat and drink. Thanks for coming, you guys, and lets hope its not too long before we all get together again.


Chrissy said...

Oh Joy how lovely. What brilliant pictures and such a lovely gathering. I so envy you. And to finish it off Cadburys cream eggs - yum yum

Elaine said...

What lovely photos of your family.

And do I spy your Roger being a little silly in the last one :)

(And why not!!)

The food looks very yummy as well.