Tuesday, 12 April 2011


We live in a really nice town, in a lovely county, close to some fantastic countryside, and have met some of the most friendly people you are likely to meet. However we are unlucky enough to live next door to the most unpleasant man you could imagine. Ever since we arrived he has been confrontational and extremely unpleasant, and seems to have made it his raison d'etre to annoy us as much as he possibly can.
When we first moved here we took down a few old trees, they were only very leggy elders, covered in years and years worth of ivy, and he took great exception to that as he said we had spoiled his view! He even contacted the council and threatened us with £1000 fine for felling trees! Needless to say when the man from the council called to investigate he just laughed.
Just recently he has surpassed himself in his childishness, and has placed 2 windchimes and a bell on the tree right next to our fence, just outside our back door. Only thing is that the bell is too heavy so it doesn't blow in the wind anyway, and the windchimes are actually quite pleasant and dont annoy us at all.
I wonder what he'll think of next? Watch this space.


Rachael said...

Stupid man. It must be horrid living next door to some one so bloody minded.
I too like wind chimes and have some myself but did ask my neighbour to let me know if they bothered her at all.

Jean said...

He is lucky he lives next door to someone with a sense of humour Joy! We are very lucky with our neighbours, thank goodness, or my husband would be threatening to move or thinking of fiendish things to annoy them, just on this side of the law of course.......

niftyknits said...

oh dear :-( we had a wind-chimes obsessed neighbour years ago. His other problem was that our cat used to like to sit on the drain cover in his front garden...so he artistically arranged thorny rose prunings on it to try to stop her! Personally, I thought the prunings looked worse, but what would I know?