Thursday, 28 April 2011

Scavenger Hunt

I'm a real sucker for a photographic challenge, and this one, which I found earlier this month at Postcards from the PP, seemed like a good one to have a go at. If you click the link and press Scavenger Hunt at the top you can see the other entrants as well.
So here are my twelve for this month

1) April Showers - a bit of a cheat, as it was after a watering with a hosepipe rather than a real shower of rain (which was in rather short supply this month)

2) Breakfast - this could also be my entry for "Eggs", but I decided on a different shot for that.

3) Your camera (well, my camera actually)

4) A set of keys - these are the ones I use the most

5) An interesting shop name - the closest I could get, well I do live in Devizes!

6) A cross - a factory making piston rings

7) A church - the church was actually behind me, and I've snapped it before (for my OU final submission), so this is what you get instead.

8) Eggs - ready for scrambling, 2 singles and a double yolker, but could perhaps also be an entry for the next subject?

9) Something yellow

10) A sculpture - one of eight Gryphons circling the fountain in the Market Square

11) Something to do with Shakespeare -

12) Something to do with St. George's Day - I'll drink to that!


Little Blue Mouse said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Yes, with this scorcher of an April we've both resorted to the hosepipe! The droplets do look lovely on the tulip though.

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

Great job on these selections. Thanks for "following" on my blog this morning (your afternoon?? I'm so bad with time differences). I've found so many nice folks and great blogs via this photo scavenger hunt, and have had so much fun doing it! Love your keys selection...mine wasn't nearly so clever! I'm enjoying seeing how everyone's interpretation of the same list falls out!

Rosie said...

Great photos - love the tulip and your take on bunch of keys and a cross - I was lucky to catch a short shower very early in April and I don't think there has been a drop of rain since:)

H said...

I struggled with the April showers. I almost set up the hosepipe this morning, but then decided to go with the shower of blossom on my lawn.

I love your 'St George and the Dragon'!

bad penny said...

Great fun & your keys is clever. I got the watering can out for April showers... crazy isn't it ?
Super photos.

Patrice said...

Great set of pics!

Louise said...

Great photos, I have enjoyed finding this post! We all struggled with April showers for this one!