Saturday, 30 April 2011


While most of the rest of the world was glued to their TV screens, or waving flags on the streets of London, Devizes was a very peaceful place, with hardly anyone about. We passed maybe 3 or 4 dog walkers, saw about half a dozen people in Sainsburys and 3 regulars in the White Bear.

I did have a sneaky look at THE DRESS, but I'm afraid I dont do sitting in front of the TV if I can help it. I wish the newly married couple a long and happy life together, as I would all newly married couples.


Jean said...

I went to Janice's and we sat glued! I had it on in the background whilst I was baking for the party and then over to Trowbridge for 10.00 where I found 7 very excited ladies. So, I made tea/coffee and served scones and cream. It was a lovely social day but now I feel soooooooo stuffed with all of the gorgeous food brought by the girls that I may not be able to move far today!
Have a great time away Joy. If you are back Thursday we could do Yoga as I am not able to go on Tuesday x

Elaine said...

Hi Joy,
Thank you for your congratulations on my blog.

I also couldn't resist seeing the dress and thought she looked lovely. I didn't intend to watch but, as I was putting masses of Compeed plasters on my little toes at the time in preparation for The Walk on Saturday, I didn't feel I was wasting my time whilst sitting in front of the telly!!

Whew! Did the walk! Severe problems with blisters on my little toes and left ankle aches today .... but did it :)