Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A random post

. . . just to let you know I'm still here.
I've been spending time in the garden, mostly weeding and watering, and on Sunday I made up my hanging baskets. I bought the fuscias and nepetia, but all the rest I've grown from seed, hoping they'll be ready to hang out by the end of may.

I gave this potentilla a very severe haircut just a couple of weeks ago, and it has rewarded me by bursting into bloom today.

Ooooh, look, strawberries.

One of eight gryphons which encircle the fountain in the middle of the market square

The fountain

No Cassie, you know you aren't allowed on the worktop!

Lilac hedge in the front garden, from the bedroom window, it smells delicious.


Chrissy said...

Gorgeous pictures as always. Love the little seat your cat has decided on - probably thought it was made just for him

Elaine said...

Great photos!

Love the gryphon. Is that fountain in Devizes market town? It looks very impressive.

I'm sure Cassie does think that seat was made for him (or is it her?) .... after all, everything in a house is for a cat's benefit :)

Miss Creativity said...

What lovely flowers but do you find that this year the bedding plants are more expensive than they have ever been. I tend to grow mine from seed but being a bit lazy this year I went to the local garden centre and what a shock £5 for 6 plants.... is this normal. What is the most expensive plants you have seen this year dear bloggers. please pop over and tell me as I am aghast and will be going back to seeds.

Take care, keep safe, be happy
Beverley xx

joy said...

I bought 10 nepeta for £9.99 and the fuschias were about £1.50 each. I dont generally buy bedding plants at all, I usually just grow from seed or take cuttings from my mum - but I had some garden vouchers to use this year. so they are really a gift from my mate chris and my mum.