Thursday, 16 June 2011

House hunting (if money were no object!)

I love these two houses, the first one is in the London Road, just down from the Police HQ, so wouldn't really be my first choice of places to live, but I just love the house.

This second one is the Lodge House by the gates of Quakers Walk, I think it's privately owned now, but was once part of the old Roundway Park (and subsequently New Park) estate. The location is very quiet, traffic-wise, but is quite a busy pedestrian thoroughfare since the building of the new housing estate off the London Road.

Neither of these houses is on the market, but even if they were, I think they'd be out of our price range. This one is on the market, but again, I think its a bit more than we can afford! Likewise this one.
But can you see a pattern emerging? It has only recently occurred to me that I much prefer houses that are symmetrical in appearance, houses with the front door in the middle and a window on each side just like I used to draw them when I was 5 years old.
Now if only I could find one in our price range!


Magic Making Hands said...

I love this house:

mad about bags said...

Living next to police HQ might not be a bad thing Joy as least you'd know there'd always be a Bobby around!!
I thought it was just me with the symmetry thing I drive Paul mad!!!
made him put a window in the other side of the porch just to even things up!!!
I always had a duckpond in the front of my houses too complete with fish!!!now where's that spade...

Chrissy said...

Loving your choices Joy - if only there were not so many £ on the prices

Heather Leavers said...

You' right - they're exactly like "proper" houses drawn by children. We really are house-hunting at the moment, and we're also finding that traditionally shaped outsides appeal to us. Sadly the most attractive houses in our price-range are in horrible positions (hmm, might account for the price?) but the search continues.

joy said...

I like your choice Ali.
Tracy, we already live near the police HQ, its the county HQ so no "on the beat" bobbies, also London Road is very busy and the WAAA helicopter is based there (in the past they've been broken into by criminals attempting to sabotage the helicopter before a serious crime!!!
Chrissy, its not the pounds that bother me, its all the zeros after!
Good luck heather, I've looked at a couple, but not looking at any more until we actually have a buyer, as would hate to find the right house then lose it for not being able to proceed.

Just K Jewellery said...

I can waste hours drooling over houses on rightmove. Always dreaming of moving to the country