Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Wait a minute (or weight a lifetime)

As a child I was skinny, as a teenager I was skinny, when I first got married in 1968 I was a size 8.
By the time I was 21 I had developed what are now called "good child bearing hips", but I still had a 22" waist and virtually no boobs to speak of (in those days my first husband used to call me Sonny Jim because of my flat chest!) I had my first child at age 22 and second at age 27, and as in those days a lot of things that we have machines to do these days we had then to do by hand, I managed to stay relatively slim. I've always been fairly active anyway, enjoying gardening, walking etc. Towards the end of my first marriage I suppose I was possibly carrying a bit of extra weight around my hips and my husband then referred to me as "The fat cow".
By the time I was 40 I had walked away from my first marriage and was into my second. Two more pregnancies in quick succession left me rather overweight, and as my second marriage was a) happy and b) comfortable I didn't really worry much about my weight in the early years. I was still fairly active, still gardening and walking everywhere with the double buggy.
But my eating habits became erratic and I started to drink a bit to much, only social drinking, maybe a couple of bottles of wine between us over the weekend and a couple of lagers each evening to wind down when the kids were asleep. And my sweet tooth took over. I didn't put on huge amounts of weight, its just been a steady increase year on year.
My lovely OH has recently retired so instead of sitting at a computer all day he is now doing all sorts of jobs around the house and garden and he is losing weight. I have had a stiff and painful back all winter and I have most definitely slowed down a lot, so I am still gaining and I suddenly find myself, at age 63 weighing 75 kilos (thats just over 11.5 stone, and almost as much as him!!!), not yet obese, but heading in that direction and certainly way over what I should weigh.
We are currently in a sort of limbo-land, our house is on the market, so I intend to use this limbo time to become more active in the dietary sense, I shall lose some of this extra blubber that has attached itself to my once slender frame, with the help of the Slinky Slimmers group I have joined on Facebook, and the support of Momentum, a group of mums trying to lose weight (I still qualify even though my eldest is 40 and my youngest nearly 21, I'm a mum trying to regain my pre-baby body - if somewhat belatedly!).


Chrissy said...

Oh Joy - you could be my twin - that is me too. I have my own cake layer - I think they call it a muffin top nowadays and I hate it. But then I love my cake too!! It was so easy in our youth wasn't it? Good luck with your slimming group

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Good luck with the weight reduction, the group sounds great, might sniff it out!!!

Heather Leavers said...

Good luck Joy! I was a size 8 right up until 3rd child. Well, obviously I put weight on during pregnancies, but it just fell off afterwards. Twice. Since then I've bounced around between sizes. Annoyingly whenever I do lose weight it never ever comes off my middle, the boobs are always the first to go! Life ain't fair :-)

Liska said...

Oh I can soooooooo relate to you. I am a size 18 but still have a slim (slender frame as you put it) under my blubber. I have very slim wrists, rib cage, ankles, feet etc, but it is like I am wearing one of those suits that actors wear :-(
But even though my frame is slim it is a size 12, not 8 like you.
Welcome to the team Mumentum. Good to have you onboard.
Liska x

The syders said...

Hi Joy,

I'm thrilled you have joined the mumentum ladies. They really are a lovely bunch xxx

Forest Flower said...

Hello, welcome to Mumentum. Of course you qualify - you are a mum and you want to lose your tum :) All the best in your quest!!

Michelle Twin Mum said...

Nice to meet you Joy, welcome to Mumentum.

Good luck on your journey.

Mich x

Dianne x said...

Good luck with the weight loss x I don't think I was ever a size 8. together we can help each other xx