Sunday, 26 June 2011


An item of clothing that most describes who I am. This is the prompt from Josie's writers workshop, which I am linking into for the first time this week.

Look at the trousers I'm wearing. They were an absolute bargain, I dont remember how much, but they were a charity shop buy and back then I never used to spend much more than £2 or £3 per item - with two small children and not much money all my clothes were charity shop finds, and these trousers were just THE very best. We are talking about way back in 1992 when this photo was taken, the trousers were pure cotton, and although not really clear from the picture, each leg was different, the right leg being much more garish than the left. So, these trousers really describe the person I am, economical, casual and odd, sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, a bit rough round the edges but basically sound, having seen better days but with plenty of wear still left in me.

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Molly said...

Cool trousers....amazing what you can find in the charity shop, they are my favourite haunts.