Sunday, 5 June 2011

Week 5/52 29-35/365

29/365 A rather blousy paeony in the garden

30/365 Raindrops on the Hypericum leaves

31/365 Walking down to town

32/365 Figs on my fig tree

33/365 Stan, my granddog, playing with a stick on Ranmore Common, near Dorking, Surrey

34/365 Queen Elizabeth Bridge at Dartford. My Mum lives approximately 25 mintues drive away from here, but being a friday afternoon it took me an hour and a half!

35/365 The gorgeous Marissa


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Oh Marrisa, you are one beautiful child! And the picture of the leaf - wow! You are so talented xx

Elaine said...

Ahhhh! That is such a beautiful photo of Marrisa.

Like Annie, I love the leaf photo; amazing!

Miss Creativity said...

Looking at your photos have you ever thought of trying the countryfile photographic competition or maybe you have? you are so 'good enough'
Take care, keep safe, be happy
Beverley xx