Sunday, 12 June 2011

Week 6/52 36-42/365

The lilacs are finished, and most of the other plants in my front garden are still to bloom, so it all looks rather green at the moment.

The postie walking his trolley across The Green

Rog hates roses, due to being severely attacked by one as a child, so when we moved here all the roses where hoiked out (or so we thought). We must have missed this one, and as we hope to be moving soon, it's now safe.

Bought myself some new trainers, really, really comfortable, and only £20 from Amazon

Our house is now officially on the market.

Here is my greenhouse (actually my front porch). I want to put the tomatoes and the hanging baskets outside soon, but at the moment its still too cold!

My friend Sarah, of Ama Aqua Cake Toppers, has made this fabulous model of the Wiltshire Air Ambulance helicopter. I'll be handing it over to them during next week, I hope they will auction it or use it as a raffle prize to raise funds.


Chrissy said...

Your house looks lovely considering all the 'imperfections' you have listed - good luck and hope you find your dream home soon

Patrice said...

Great pictures - that helicopter is too cute!

Liska said...

Please let me know where your Mumentum post is?

joy said...

sorry, its the next one after this, it wasn't written when I joined the linky