Saturday, 18 June 2011

Week 7/52 43-49/365

What a horrible week it's been weather-wise for the middle of June. On the up-side we've had a couple of viewers to see the house, even though the Agent told us things were really quiet. Neither of them came back with an offer, but at least there seems to be viewers out there.

43/365 Rainy Sunday afternoon

44/365 Umbrella and walking stick corner

45/365 Woke up and opened the curtains, could hardly see the other side of the green, it was so misty

46/365 I love this house, its the Lodge House at the Town end of Quakers Walk

47/365 Plenty of bees buzzing around

48/365 Planted the first of my outdoor tomato plants - don't think we'll have any more frosts now!

49/365 Too wet for Cassie to go outside and chase the pigeons, she's quite happy to look at them from the comfort of the windowsill


Chrissy said...

If you get a quick move, you'll have to uproot your tommy plants and take them with you

Miss Creativity said...

Don't believe the agents! they told my daughter and partner they would never sell there apartment and within two weeks they had an offer and are now scrambling round to find a house.... Good luck with the sale.
Take care, keep safe, be happy