Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Simple Knits, Bags - book review

This book was sent to me by F+W media for review purposes.

What I like about this book:

An illustrated list of contents

Each project on a double page spread, with clear and precise instructions on the left, a full page colour illustration on the right

As with most of the books that I've been sent, this book is aimed firstly at the very much larger American market, and therefore some of the instructions may be a little confusing at first for UK readers, however, unlike the others that I've reviewed, this one has a list of abbreviations and US/UK terms at the front which makes it immediately apparent to the reader that this is the case.

At the back of the book are several pages on bag-making techniques, including how to design and make a lining (essential for a knitted bag), Interstasia technique and charts, and some basic knitting techniques.

Whilst the title of the book is "Simple Knits" I would suggest that, yes, the designs are simple, but for an experienced knitter rather than a beginner. I like this book, and although I hadn't thought about knitting a bag before, I may just give it a try.

The cover price on the book is £6.99 but it can be purchased here for only £5.23 (plus postage)


Jille said...

That looks like a good book to have in your collection. There are couple in the photos that I would be tempted to knit. Thank you for the review. I think I may put it on my wish list...

karen said...

Good review as always, though bags aren't an item I have ever knitted. x