Saturday, 26 March 2011


Thank you to Miss Syder for becoming my 100th follower. I hope all my followers still enjoy reading my blog, I just feel most of the time that I am wittering on to a loyal few who keep commenting, it would be really nice to hear from a few others now and again, although I know how time consuming it can be to comment on every blog you read.

Today is another lovely spring day, and new stuff keeps appearing in the garden. The first of the forget-me-nots has just opened, I bought a packet of seeds in the autumn of 1986, sprinkled them in the garden in 1987 and they've been reseeding themselves ever since. I admit to cheating a bit when we moved house, I saved some seed and brought it with me, although I needn't have bothered, because we had a couple of self-seeded plants in one of the large pots.

The ubiquitous dandelion is not an unattractive flower, just a hideous plant that pervades and is almost impossible to eradicate.

Last year I planted an asparagus root, and followed the instructions not to cut it during the first season. We are both looking forward to a small taster this year.

Last, but not least, a little bug in a daffodil.


The syders said...

Lovely fresh spring photo's Joy...And I took an almost identical one to your dafadil with a little black bugin it the other day x

Chrissy said...

Nice piccys Joy. I like the dandelion flower. It is just all those huge leaves that are a pain. Know exactly what you mean about leaving comments - I too get the few loyal 'commenters'. A fair amount of views, but no comments. Maybe people just flick around blogs and read, but don't find the time or need to make a comment - oh well. I'll still visit you and leave a comment, which I try to do on any blogs I visit, but then that is me.


niftyknits said...

I hardly dare comment ;-)

Like you, I often think I am just wittering to a few, or even just to myself. And I have over 600 followers LOL

I think "following" has different meanings to different folks. For me, it's blogs I like to drop in on now and then, not daily (I wish!) and I think it's the same for my followers. Either that, or I attract large numbers of very shy folk.

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

The dandelion picture is gorgeous!