Wednesday, 30 March 2011

My April giveaway

A couple of days ago I reached the grand total of 100 followers to my blog, and announced that I would be doing a giveaway. Here are the items that will be included.

2 sheets of Phoenix gift wrap with matching tag
1 pack Phoenix "wellies" postcards
1 partylite candle in a glass jar (I think they call them votives?)
1 "Casablanca" DVD, new, unopened (I bought it for Rog, and when I got home I remembered I'd already bought it for him !!! DOH)
3 packs coloured paper clips
4 miniature post-it note pads
1 pen recycled material, blue ink
5 balls of Glory yarn, blue, from my stash.

All you have to do to be included in the giveaway is to be a follower of BOTH my blogs (you can find my second blog here) and to make a comment on this one. I shall announce the winner on Mothers Day, Sunday 3rd April, so get cracking, you dont have much time.


mad about bags said...

What a fab giveaway Joy, I'm already a follower of your other blog, love the picture of Roger!!!

Elaine said...

What a generous giveaway Joy. That wool looks interesting :)

I had already started following your other blog without needing to be prompted by your giveaway. You have some fantastic photos there :)

handmadeharry said...

Have been following your blog for a while, and cheekily asking questions about photography, so I'm now off to check out your other blog...(where do you get the time to do 2, I haven't managed to start one yet!!!!)

sarah said...

I don't know how you find the time to write two blogs! I hardly get 'round to one! ^_^

lej jewellery said...

Both great blogs, i was a follower of this one already but have followed both :).

carol said...

Congratulations on 100 followers! I do believe i was the 1st person to follow you other blog when you 1st started it!

What a lovely giveaway. Good luck everyone!

Carol x